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Civil War Era Crazy Quilt Details This family heirloom was documented and is on loan from Rhelda Bennett Moore, Great-Granddaughter of the quilt maker, Mary Ann Duvall Hackett Hardwick.

This quilt demonstrates the use of the feather and herringbone stitches, popular in "Crazy Quilt" embellishment.

In this detail view note the incorporation of the Orphan Brigade ribbon.

Ribbon reads: Seventh Reunion | First Kentucky Orphan Brigade | C.S.A. | Frankfort, Ky | September 2?, 1888 | Member


In addition to the extensive use of feather and herringbone stitches, the makers familiarity and expertise with other embroidery stitches also shows.  Close inspection reveals satin stitches, chain stitches and others.

Ribbon reads:  (visible area) Orphan Brigade | C.S.A. | Louisville, Ky | September 10 18?? | Member

Civil War Era Crazy Quilt Details


Civil War Era Crazy Quilt Details Crazy Quilts showcase the makers stitching skills.   They also make use of "swatches" of fabric from various available sources such as vests, ties and ladies dress/skirt/shirt fabrics.

Ribbon reads:   12th Reunion | Orphan Brigade | Versailles, Ky | September (19th and 20th?) 1893


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