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P.O. Box 570
New Castle, KY. 40050
(502) 845-0999

For Appointments Call 502-845-0999.
We are located in the Caplinger House
219 South Main (a.k.a. Hwy. 421) in New Castle.

For Genealogy Research please email our
volunteer researcher Betty Ann Bowles

The History Center is staffed entirely by volunteers and currently, there are only two who are working. Thus, until further notice, the History Center will be open from 1:00 to 4:00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons only. Other days may be available if requested in advance. Sometimes, due to other commitments, a volunteer is not available on a particular day; thus, to confirm the days open or to schedule a research appointment, please e-mail either

Carla Gerding cbg326@aol.com or Betty Ann Bowles babowles@bellsouth.net

Other times available by appointment, please email and request a volunteer assist you.

Our Next Programs!

7 County Picnic in Henry County!!
September 22, 5-7 p.m.

Our 7-county picnic is going to be at the Henry County Extension Office. I thought about having it at the house, but decided it would be easier and roomier at the extension office. Please post on our website. Our program, with the support of the Kentucky Humanities Council is Morgan Atkinson and his presentation about Harlan and Anna Hubbard. The counties invited are:

Switzerland Co. (Indiana)
Jefferson Co. (Indiana)

September - TBA

October - program by our Historical Society genealogical guides - Finding Your Roots - time and place TBA


  • The Henry County Historical Society is a qualifying 501 3(C) organization? 

  • Donations to the Historical Society may* be deductible on your income taxes.

(Membership fees and purchases are not "donations" and are not deductible.  But we do appreciate your membership dues and purchases.)

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Did you know that oil test holes were drilled in Henry County? Caution Gentlemen, or you may be fined for whipping your wife!

Eminence had an Ice Factory and the Western Military Institute had a "double barreled" shooting accident!

and learn more...

The Henry County Historical Society has a responsibility to protect and preserve historic documents reaching back in our history to the 18th century. We have already undertaken many of the duties involved but there are so many fragile documents and we need more ARCHIVAL SUPPLIES.

ARCHIVAL SUPPLIES are specific to prevent damage and our storage format, and they are expensive.

We are requesting and welcoming funding contributions from members and non-member so we can further our mission of protecting these delicate documents. All donations to this cause are appreciated and deductible as we are a recognised 501 3(C).

Mail checks to: Henry County Historical Society, PO BOX 570, New Castle, KY. 40050
Enter in MEMO/NOTE "Archives"

       Historic Images of Henry County

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Volunteerism helps the Historical Society fulfill it's mission.  Volunteer hours may be useful in acquiring grants for projects and improvements.  Volunteers meet many people and forge new friendships...and that's just for starters!  There are numerous volunteer opportunities, there's certain to be one just for you.

Volunteer, and be a part of History!

Our current (rev. 2015) research fees are as follows:

  • $10.00 – basic research fee for non-members of Historical Society (No charge for members)
  • $ .25 – additional fee per copy made at History Center (applies to everyone)
  • $ 5.00 – additional fee if personal scanner, iPad, iPhone, camera, is allowed and used
  • $ 3.00 – additional flat fee if materials are requested to be mailed

Attention Researchers:

The Henry County Historical Society has custodial care of marriage records in Henry County starting in 1800. (The earliest birth records for the state are 1852 and then only sporadically until 1911 when it became mandatory to record all births.)


"Henry County" written by Mae Elliston, Read by Dr. Norvell
First time heard in decades!



Join us, this event is being sponsored by the New Castle Main Street program to save and restore the Historic Odd Fellows Building!

At 6:00 pm Thursday, August 13, 2015, we will gather at the Historic Odd Fellows Building at 32 South Main Street in New Castle, Kentucky to hear the following speak:

  • Former Gov. & Univ. of Pikeville Pres. Paul Patton
  • Kentucky Representative Rick Rand
  • State Historic Preservation Officer Craig Potts
  • Kentucky Main Street Program Administrator Kitty Dougoud
  • Odd Fellows spokesperson plus others

6:30 pm: Reception with light food and refreshments in “The Locker” next to Odd Fellows Building.

We hope you are able to attend this important event prior to the Odd Fellows Homecoming as it is imperative this building be saved and restored. It is not only a significant part of African American history in New Castle and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it is a national treasure that must be preserved.

Save the Historic Odd Fellows Building!

In March of this 2015, a heavy snowstorm caused a collapse of the roof of the Historic Odd Fellows Building. This particular Odd Fellows Chapter is unique as it became home to the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Washington Lodge #1513 in 1886. This organization was founded by Former slaves in 1872 just following the end of the Civil War. This lodge is the only remaining active Grand United Order of Odd Fellows Lodge in Kentucky and possibly the oldest African American fraternal organization in the state. On August 15th the Odd Fellows will be celebrating their 143rd Homecoming and Parade in downtown New Castle.


For more information please contact New Castle Main Street Manager Jeff Thoke at 502-645-5421, New Castle Preservation Board Chairman Joe Yates at 502-845-4441, President of Odd Fellows Washington Lodge #1513 Richard Smith at 502-330-4908, or Friend of the Odd Fellows Sandra Smith at 502-232-0929.


2016 Programs and events.

Historical   Society   Schedule

Monday, June 13th, 6:30 p.m.
The Henry County History Center,
219 S. Main St. | New Castle, KY 40050

John Harrod: In Search of the Lost Hornpipe: Kentucky's Diverse Fiddling Traditions.  Presentation made possible by the generous support of the Kentucky Humanities Council and the Henry County Historical Society.

July 11 - 6:30 p.m.- Extension Office - pot luck - Morgan Atkinson: Anna and Harlan Hubbard.

Thursday evening, July 14th, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
The Berry Center

Reception, fund-raiser and open house for the Grand Order of Odd Fellows. Washington Lodge #1513 restoration. Complementary refreshments will be served.

August - Date TBA - 6 County Picnic in Henry County!!

September - TBA

October - program by our Historical Society genealogical guides - Finding Your Roots - time and place TBA

Unless otherwise announced, all program meetings are held on the third Tuesday of April, June, September and October @ the Henry County Extension Office just outside of New Castle, at 6:30 p.m..  Board meetings are the first Tuesday of March, June, September and November in the Henry County History Center at 6:30 p.m., but check here; times and dates are subject to change!

(Potluck Dinner Programs: The Historical Society provides the meat dish, and beverage; attendees are asked to carry-in a side dish or dessert to share. You may choose to bring a recipe card too, we've discovered some new favorite recipes that way!  If you don't have a chance to make something ahead, a store bought is acceptable too.)

We recommend you also subscribe to the opt-in news announcements, here.


Mission Statement

The Henry County Historical Society will create, maintain, and manage for the benefit "of all people," who are interested in history and genealogy of Henry County:

  • A physical presence
  • An organizational structure
  • A strong financial base
  • A staff and volunteers
  • A library of documents, books and files of historic interest
  • A collection of items with Henry County connections
  • Exhibits of historic interest
  • Educational programs, Activities and special events and
  • A publication program.


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