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Is Henry County's History Haunted?
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"Henry County" written by Mae Elliston, Read by Dr. Norvell
First time heard in decades!

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The Museum has a few articles of clothing we would like to photograph and perhaps have on display.  For best enjoyment and best for the preservation of the article we'd like the garment(s) on a form or mannequin.  Would you like to donate one?  Could you let us borrow yours for photographs?
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Attention Researchers:

The Henry County Historical Society has custodial care of marriage records in Henry County starting in 1800. (The earliest birth records for the state are 1852 and then only sporadically until 1911 when it became mandatory to record all births.)

The Board has voted and passed a new research fee schedule in order to maintain the organization, center and museum. Fees apply to research requests on-site, or by USPS mail, email, or phone; fees as listed:

Non-Members: $15 - Basic Charge includes a maximum of 5 copies
$1 each additional copy
25 copies maximum.
Members: Same fees as above but paid members receive a 50% discount.
(Apply for membership, here.)

Your request for information regarding marriages may be submitted to


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Did you know that oil test holes were drilled in Henry County? Caution Gentlemen, or you may be fined for whipping your wife!
Eminence had an Ice Factory and the Western Military Institute had a "double barreled" shooting accident!

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Historical   Society   Schedule

Unless otherwise announced, all program meetings are held on the third Tuesday of April, June, September and October @ the Henry County Extension Office just outside of New Castle, at 6:30 p.m..  Board meetings are the first Tuesday of March, June, September and November in the Henry County History Center at 6:30 p.m., but check here; times and dates are subject to change!

(Potluck Dinner Programs: The Historical Society provides the meat dish, and beverage; attendees are asked to carry-in a side dish or dessert to share. You may choose to bring a recipe card too, we've discovered some new favorite recipes that way!  If you don't have a chance to make something ahead, a store bought is acceptable too.)

Watch for any change of venue...

Betsy Tweedy

April 22, 2014

Membership Program & Dinner 6:30 pm
Henry County Extension Office

Betsy Tweedy
"Textiles in the Attic and Fashions of Olde"

Betsy Tweedy is a librarian at the Trimble County Library in Bedford.  She's a member of the Trimble County Historical Society and the benefactor of lovely historic garments (and textiles) from various family members.  These remain in remarkable good condition and she is so pleased to be able to share the history (and HERstory) of those garments and how they reflect the fashions in a different era.  Betsy also has many of the accessories that went with these garments.  But there is more to the story than just the garments, there are Ladies sewing necessities and tools and the essentials of the well set-out-Lady of the 19th Century!

RSVP with number attending (non-members welcome) by April 18th so we provide appropriately for our guests.
 or phone 502 845-0999.

June 14th
Patriotic Day
(Formerly known as Spring Fling)
History Center will be open with a Museums-To-Go Exhibit
WWII Informative Posters and some of our own WWII Collection

June 17th
"History of Lake Jericho"
Greta Steverson
6:30 PM Pot Luck Dinner Meeting
Henry County Extension Office

June 21st
Campbellsburg Day
Campbellsburg Park 10-5pm

July 26th
Harvest Showcase
Booth in tent

August ? 2014
Six Counties Picnic

September 16th TBA
6:30 PM Pot Luck Dinner Meeting
Henry County Extension Office

October 21st TBA
6:30 PM Pot Luck Dinner Meeting
Henry County Extension Office

October 24th
Treat and Trails
New Castle Recreation Park
4-6 p.m.

October 31st
Halloween in New Castle
Henry County History Center Front Porch
Times TBA

December 5th
Light Up New Castle
History Center Open House
Times TBA


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Mission Statement

The Henry County Historical Society will create, maintain, and manage for the benefit "of all people," who are interested in history and genealogy of Henry County:

  • A physical presence

  • An organizational structure

  • A strong financial base

  • A staff and volunteers

  • A library of documents, books and files of historic interest

  • A collection of items with Henry County connections

  • Exhibits of historic interest

  • Educational programs, Activities and special events and

  • A publication program.


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